BELINDA (blender2810) wrote,

im back again

so i am sitting here 10:53 pm. i just started thinking i graduate in like 6 months. im going to not ever have to go back to school. it kinda scares me that i will be out on my own and noone there with me. i know im a chicken but wait till you get here in my shoes or you have and you know how it feels. im so scared that i a going to mess up something. it kinda sucks worrying about everything. but it happens in this time of a teens life i guess. im about to enter the world as a young adult. i guess im going to try to make it great. enjoy myself and everything.
anyways i keep thinking 'bout andrew. and me and him keep holding hands. but his family really hates me. and i dont know i think he wants to be with me but the whole family thing. his family plays such a trimendous role in everything. i dont even want to exactly know how to approach this from everything that has been said. it would just be weird well yeah but you know how it is if you know me. im a complicated kind of person. but i swear there is not a moment that goes by i dont think of that boy. and it kills me even worse to know that ill never be with him again. i hate it that fuckin people can stay in their own business. it really pinches a nerve that people would lie about me and mess up my whole life. yeah and even though that were my best friend. i considered them as a sister. it just really burns me up.
but i guess that life will go on rather i like it or not and i must make the best of it. and that i will try to succeed in having a great happy life. later you all i hope that your life is going great. buh-bye!
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