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wow long time no see....

so much has happened since the time i had updated. i have had some crazy stuff go on. are you sure you want to read on? lol. anyways i have went out with derrick and broke up with him twice. hes a psyco. lol. he tried to cut his fuckin arm off when i broke up with him. anyways i let the beans spill about me likin shannon. but yeah here lately me and andrew have been holdin hands alot. its great i love that kid. and some other stuff but yeah i cant tell. but yeah its a great life. i even tried out for a play. i didnt get a part but i do get to be a crew member. id rather be that anyways. im a shy chicken shit. lol. but yeah. i dyed my hair red and black and im thinkin bout makin it blue and black. lol. but i think that is enough for now. later.
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