BELINDA (blender2810) wrote,

something i wrote that i dont know lol......

tell me you love me just one more time,
and that you need me till the end of your life,
and im the only one that understands and is there for you,
the one to help you feel not so blue,
you say the world abuses and uses you,
you cant sleep at night so you need my voice to comfort your fears,
tell me these hands of mine are what you want to catch your tears,
that youll love me no matter what,
even if my wish isnt to be with you?
tell me my beauty brightens up your depressing stormy life,
and that i flow with such beauty and grace that youll never understand,
tell me you need my kiss to breath,
that just my love isnt enough,
that you need everything about me to live,
do you need my shoulder to rest your crying head?
because i dont want to be with you like you want,
do you understand?
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