BELINDA (blender2810) wrote,

another poem from derrick

how is it that you are able
so it always seems
to make me feel unworthy
to have you in my dreams
with your beauty alone
my heart you could steal
but there is so much more to you
so many things you make me feel
how can one such as you
possess the perfection
the qualities of a goddess
not knowing of deception
i know it is said
that all of the love that history knows
is said to be kept in every rose
but all of the love
that i could ever find in two
is nothing in comparison
to what i feel for you
true love is something rare
and should always be cherished
without providing it more
it shall easily perish
it can wither and crumble
in both of our hands
unless it is given the love
that only we could understand.

cute right? but it's kinda weirdin me out.
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