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okay so today derrick wrote me a poem and here it is:

for days upon end
i have gazed upon your face
my heart has melted more and more
from witnessing your beauty and grace
your smile forever shines and flows
into the deepest parts of my heart
it has awakened a feeling
that has waited an eternity to start
deep within your eyes
i can see your heart glisten
waiting for something special
waiting for the right person to listen
you flow of such beauty and grace
that i have never witnessed before
something so rare and pure
that is was meant to be adored
so many occasions in my poetry
i have referred to a rose; my rose
the rose; the being that is so perfect to me
but never has my heart ever chose
the person i desire
the being i adore
that with just three words
can bring me to the floor
i will admit it to you now
that my heart has chosen you
and all i can do now
is hope and pray that your will too.

isnt it sweet? lol. i love him.
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