BELINDA (blender2810) wrote,

My B Day Party!!!!!

let's see it was fun. i guess. i realized somethings while it was going on. but yeah. it kinda made me depressed. but yeah. derrick rode the bus home with me. yeah i like him but im not sure i really want to be with him. i realized that i am in love with someone else. just like destiny says. but yeah otha showed up. im so glad i got to see him. i missed him more than anything. hes great. but yeah im glad he got to come even though he spent more time wit scrub. but yeah i love him. im going to get my tattoo tomowrow when i get off of work. lol. im so excited. but yeah i think i am going to go and sleep. cause 6:30 comes early after a late night.
i love you all,
good night,
sweet dreams,
believe in love,
and always trust the ones you love,
and till death,
love always and forever,
blenda hope neighbors
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