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something about you that is something about me lol.

29th August, 2007. 2:36 pm. it was like....

When you said we were Through
it was like you ripped my still beating,
slowly cracking on the inside heart,
right out of my chest.
You squeezed it with hate flashing in your eyes,
and then you threw it down 12 flights of stairs,
and when it hit the bottom
you were there to step on it.
You picked it up and threw it against the wall,
took a razor blade and cut my heart into a million  peices,
and threw it like confetti all over a white room.
Now you want it back and can't find all the peices,
because while you were decideing that you,
wanted to love me again and not let me go,
Someone stole some of the peices,
and I pray to God,
he won't give them back.

Current mood: creative.

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27th January, 2007. 9:47 pm. NEW TATTOO

I GOT A NEW TATTOO..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Current mood: crazy.

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27th January, 2007. 11:24 am. yeah

i love andrew so freakin much......

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2nd December, 2006. 10:31 am. nothing much

just hanging out. i get off probation the 8th. and me gonna have so much freakin fun. i gettin so fucked up. lol. well later.

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19th November, 2006. 6:28 pm. not much

i havent did much lately. just stayed the night with aunt mandy and helped with christmas ornaments. lol. yeah but it was fun. i ate me some taco bell. it was good. lol. anyways i think that i am going to go. later.

Current mood: drained.

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18th November, 2006. 12:07 am. im back again

so i am sitting here 10:53 pm. i just started thinking i graduate in like 6 months. im going to not ever have to go back to school. it kinda scares me that i will be out on my own and noone there with me. i know im a chicken but wait till you get here in my shoes or you have and you know how it feels. im so scared that i a going to mess up something. it kinda sucks worrying about everything. but it happens in this time of a teens life i guess. im about to enter the world as a young adult. i guess im going to try to make it great. enjoy myself and everything.
anyways i keep thinking 'bout andrew. and me and him keep holding hands. but his family really hates me. and i dont know i think he wants to be with me but the whole family thing. his family plays such a trimendous role in everything. i dont even want to exactly know how to approach this from everything that has been said. it would just be weird well yeah but you know how it is if you know me. im a complicated kind of person. but i swear there is not a moment that goes by i dont think of that boy. and it kills me even worse to know that ill never be with him again. i hate it that fuckin people can stay in their own business. it really pinches a nerve that people would lie about me and mess up my whole life. yeah and even though that were my best friend. i considered them as a sister. it just really burns me up.
but i guess that life will go on rather i like it or not and i must make the best of it. and that i will try to succeed in having a great happy life. later you all i hope that your life is going great. buh-bye!

Current mood: frustrated.

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17th November, 2006. 6:53 pm. fuck

so life officially sucks. lol. i have a couple problems that i have to deal with. in which involve a good freind. and another how to get back with andrew. lol. and some others i cant reviel yet. so just wait. i gotta go.

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15th November, 2006. 6:49 pm. wow long time no see....

so much has happened since the time i had updated. i have had some crazy stuff go on. are you sure you want to read on? lol. anyways i have went out with derrick and broke up with him twice. hes a psyco. lol. he tried to cut his fuckin arm off when i broke up with him. anyways i let the beans spill about me likin shannon. but yeah here lately me and andrew have been holdin hands alot. its great i love that kid. and some other stuff but yeah i cant tell. but yeah its a great life. i even tried out for a play. i didnt get a part but i do get to be a crew member. id rather be that anyways. im a shy chicken shit. lol. but yeah. i dyed my hair red and black and im thinkin bout makin it blue and black. lol. but i think that is enough for now. later.

Current mood: amused.

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10th September, 2006. 5:34 pm. WRECK

so yesterday me and destiny and scrub was drivin and i backed into a ditch over my head... yeah i was stuck, scared, crying, yelling and lifting the jeep to get it out. it was so fuckin crazy. anyways. thats about it. later.

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7th September, 2006. 4:16 pm. fuck off your fuckin stupid

okay derrick writes me the meanest sweetest saddest fucking note. right? well it makes me mad, then i cry and feel sorry for him. right? well i wrote him back really sweet and shit and comes to find out he has a new g/f. what the fuck you dont tell someone you miss them while you are dating someone else. i dont know i just wanna fuckin stab him. andrew had to hold me back cause me and andrew was walkin down the hall and he gets in front of us and i just wanted to fuckin jump on him and beat his giant albino ass to a fuckin puddle of blood. i love andrew. hes always there for me. but yeah i guess that i will go. lata fuckas.

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